Are you a knight of the road or hell on wheels?

Take our DRIVING QUIZ And find out

1. You are approaching a set of traffic lights that are on red and to your left is a side road on which there is traffic signalling to turn right. Do you:
a. Stop your car so that it is blocking their exit and stare arrogantly at them.
b. Stop your car so that it is blocking their exit and suddenly find something absolutely riveting to stare at on the right hand side of your car.
c. Stop your car slightly ahead of the junction allowing the vehicles in the side road sufficient space to cross your carriageway in safety.

2. You intend to make a left turn ahead. Do you:
a. Give no signal and wait until absolutely the last minute before braking.
b. Signal after you have started to turn the corner.
c. Give a long signal and brake easily and gradually as you approach the corner.

3. You need to allow a passenger to leave your vehicle at a point which is directly opposite another car parked on a narrow street. Do you:
a. Pull up immediately opposite the parked car and block the road in both directions.
b. Pull up immediately opposite the parked car but pull forward when another road user alerts you to the problem you have caused.
c. Drive past the parked car and pull up at a point at which you will not cause an obstruction.

4. You are in the nearside lane and the vehicle in front of you is travelling too slowly. You will have to pull out into the offside lane or decelerate but there is a vehicle in that lane travelling very quickly towards your rear end. Do you:
a. Swerve suddenly into the offside lane without signalling your intention and hope that the car approaching you from the rear will be able to slow down on time to avoid a collision.
b. Indicate once then pull out without awaiting a sign from the approaching vehicle that it is safe to do so, then wave your thanks as he has to brake sharply to avoid a collision.
c. Signal and await the approaching driver's sign that he will allow you into that lane before pulling out and overtaking the slow moving vehicle.

5. You are entering a roundabout with four exits intending to leave by the last. How do you indicate:
a. I don't.
b. Because I will be turning left to leave the roundabout I leave my left indicator on all the way round.
c. I indicate right until I pass the penultimate exit and then I indicate left to warn other road users that I will be leaving the roundabout at the next exit.

6. You are parking in a supermarket car park. Do you:
a. Park your car wherever is convenient for you, even if this means blocking in other drivers.
b. Park in a marked parking space but do not make any effort to position your car evenly within the white dividing lines.
c. Drive into a marked parking space and, if necessary, reverse out and draw forward to ensure that your vehicle is not intruding into the adjoining spaces.

So how did you do?

Check your answers below to find out what driving type you are.

Mostly A's:
You are a taxi driver and should be publicly disembowelled and hung in a gibbet at a crossroads as it is abundantly clear that you were lobotomised shortly after passing your driving test and should have a government health warning tattooed across your forehead.

Mostly B's:
You are the clueless tosser who always seems to be driving in front of when I am in a hurry. You habitually wear a trilby with a fishing fly attached to the side and drive with the tip of your nose approximately two centimetres from the glass of your windscreen. You probably drive a Vauxhall Belmont or a Ford Fiesta and have little triangular stickers showing the names of West Country towns stuck all over your rear screen.

Mostly C's:
You are a lying bastard and have shamelessly cheated at this quiz.

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