Your chance to be the envy of the tap room!

One of life's tragedies is that we can't all have our very own steam engine.
But now, thanks to THROCKETT TECHNOLOGIES and their superb miniaturisation techniques, you could own the next best thing.
Just imagine the look on your pals' faces when they see you unwrap, from the supplied authentic oily rag, a beautiful die-cast replica of the very model you were all swooning over the night before.
With meticulous attention to detail, THROCKETT TECHNOLOGIES offer you their latest creations. Each hand-stamped-from-metal model has at least three working, moveable parts (not excluding cellophane wrapper and FREE gift box).
Faithfully reproduced from the original's blueprints, all models come with a unique, individually numbered LIMITED EDITION certificate. To yield even more authenticity, each model is supplied with a floor mat of roads and streets, with models of scaled down processions of angry motorists behind each engine.

What more could you ask? Send off today and soon you could be the proud owner of models that are bound to turn heads for years to come.

Just choose from the selections below

YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series 3A
Any Steam Engine lover's delight. Crammed full of interesting levers, switches and knobs, this old favourite still turns heads.
YAKFONDLER ' Gazelle' Series 3B
The true pro will immediately spot the difference between this radically overhauled beauty and its predecessor.
YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series 3C
Almost the same as the 3B, but enthusiasts will know that a flange sprocket was added in 1937. This innovation really stands out.
YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series 3E
After a wait of several years, the ill-fated 3D was kidnapped and never recovered, giving rise to the above newly-designed beast. Courting controversy by employing hi-tech upgrades became the YAKFONDLER way.
YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series 3Di
Aficionados now enthuse about the, much-debated at the time, additional link in the steering chain. Serious collectors will also note the extra jubilee clip on the lagging. Surprises all the way from YAKFONDLER.
YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series 4
A harshly criticised addition at the time, as it superseded the much loved series 3. Traditionalists couldn't get used to the audacious streamlining. Now, a classic in its own right.
YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series 4C
After such heavy slating, YAKFONDLER decided to upgrade dramatically to ensure competitors didn't get the edge. This obviously enhanced, magnificent beast is the result. Hardly recognisable, this was the shape of things to come.
YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series5A
The meteoric surge in technology is evident here with barely time to draw breath before YAKFONDLER produced this, the epitome of road handling. A delicate balance between tradition and avant-garde!
YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series 5B
Hot on the wheels of the Series 5A, YAKFONDLER launched another winner. The 5B boasted a revolutionary hinged flange dibbler. With five new rivets added in 1957, it was going to be hard to surpass.
YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series 5C
The connoisseurs' choice! Made famous by its innovative design and roadholding under maximum torque, the 5C heralded a new era in space-age design. The addition of an inlet manifold reheater is still considered very daring.
YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series 5D
As if it couldn't get any better, YAKFONDLER surpassed themselves. This engine epicure's dream had a host of features which made it stand out from the rest. Among them, a double overhead con shaft and fool injection.
YAKFONDLER 'Gazelle' Series 6
The latest in a long line of beauties. The upgrades are strikingly obvious. Compare this with the 'Gazelle' 3A. No contest! This model comes with sprung rhythm iambic enjambed lines. The engine for the true post-modernist. What more can we say!

So, there you have it. Whatever model you choose, there are several easy ways to pay. You can order ALL the models listed above for only 549.00. That's a magnificent saving of over 10p if bought individually. Alternatively, for those with their cerebral cortexes still intact, you can opt for the monthly delivery of a chosen model. This guarantees maximum steam stimulation each month for a year. Would your excitement valves stand it?

Just look out for more models available soon.

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