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I think it was Oscar Wilde who once said something like, “We’re all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

And if he didn’t, he damn well should have!

Since the Crouch sustained-non-inhalation-syndrome scenario, I’ve been doing a lot of lying: Low; to the Police; the Coroner; the D.A.

And I’ve seen a lot of stars: most of them from beneath the floorboards of the dressing rooms at the Acme Stardust Emporium - Home Of The Famous. That’s where I’ve been staying while hiding out from the ‘mob’; all of which brings me to my latest case.

I’ve got a pretty strong hunch that the dame who shares the dressing room with Jocelyn The Strong-Man is on the take for the ‘mob’.

Two nights ago the theatre was closed for the celebration of the Patagonian Rice-god Festival. No one should have been here - except your favourite P.I.

Now, Jocelyn is one big dude: tall, bronzed, lithe, with undulating muscle rippling beneath his taut, golden, baby-oiled flesh; the light skipping and dancing off his pectorals as he coyly turns and twists before the mirror dressed in his skimpy authentic leopard-skin posing-pouch (with discreet coin-pocket); the leather thong fastenings biting into his slim hips on their frenzied journey between the pert, steel-hawser-like muscles of his Gluteus Maximus………..


Excuse me a moment.........................



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