THE FANS AND PRAISE (Aw, shucks. We're blushing).

This is simply in Texas for 25 years gives me a special appreciation for your perspective.  You should check out ( webmasters note: WE HAVE - IT'S GOOD) for your enjoyment.
Peace, Safety and Prosperity in 2002


Great site. I was crying with laughter at the page about trying to give the cat a pill. Keep up the good work.
Yours Richard Kettle.


Some top rants about Blunkett and the incredible crime stopping ID Card,  Mars bars at traffic lights!  But lets face it when he gets his way with the coppers of the country there will not be any left to look at the cards or stop the fierce offence of chocalate eating at traffic lights!!!  Apparently the police federation are lying and did not show its members his new proposal....perhaps he brought ear defenders so that he could not hear his labrador bark because he certainly cannot hear the cries of the police!!!  He wants to reduce crime........ummmm...perhaps he plans to use the new community wardens!!!! Because police are leaving by the thousand!!!!!
J. Goldsmith.


Your thought and comments on Social Workers (SS(Gestapo)) are spot on!   Keep it coming!


Dear Hank, Top stuff; keep it up.
Richard Kettle


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